Ping Ping Hamster

Ping Ping Hamster 1.0

You're a hamster who uses a rope and laws of physics to to climb up
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Ping Ping Hamster introduces a cute little character who is, obviously, a hamster. It has to make use of a rope to climb trees and upper floors. You will need to be witty and devise a strategy for climbing: it's not as easy as it sounds.

The program uses physics laws such as movement, gravity, and momentum to provide a convincing experience similar to real life. You need to balance your hamster to gain a forward thrust and use the sticky rope to advance from one side to another. If you take advantage of your own movement, you can find an easy to way to complete the level. Aim with your mouse and click to launch the rope, which will always stick to any kind of nearby surface.

The game comes with several levels which vary in design and ornamentation. Due to the different location of objects, each level will turn harder and harder to pass, forcing you to think out of the box. Once you finish a couple of levels and you go back to play them again, you'll find yourself completing them a lot faster and easier than before.

Jonathan Palencia
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